Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lemon Basil Hummus

The other week C and I had in (some of) our siblings for dinner, because can you believe it they had actually never met!  We squeezed into our tiny apartment for some good drinks, food, and laughs.  While I like to think that my food was the hit of the party... I think my little niece P stole the show.  She's just so darn cute!

As one of the appetizers, I had made a Lemon Basil Hummus earlier in the day.  This hummus works as a great dip for chips or veggies.  If there was any left over, I would have also used the hummus on sandwiches!

As a sidenote: basil is a SUPER easy plant to grow.  It requires very little space and maintenance yet packs a great punch when used in dishes!


1 cup loose basil leaves
1 can garbanzo beans (chick peas)
2 tbsp. olive oil
juice from 1/2 lemon
2-4 tbsp. water and garbanzo bean juice
dash of garlic salt
(tomato paste was not used even though it's in the picture)

1)  In a blender or food processor, puree basil.

2) Drain and rinse garbanzo beans (be sure to save some of the liquid from the beans to be used later).

3) Add in beans, olive oil, and lemon juice and continue to puree.

4)  Alternate between adding in a tablespoon of water and the bean liquid until you have the desired consistency.

5)  Lastly, add in a dash of garlic salt to taste.

Ok not the best picture of it... but the hummus was really delicious!

~Eat Well and Be Happy~