Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kelly Kapowski Pancakes

To my faithful Yellow Apron Experiment readers, I am terribly sorry to have kept you anxiously waiting for the next post! (Ok maybe you weren't really waiting on the edge of your seats, but I can still dream).  I have had this math curriculum project looming over my head and really had to get a jump on it.  

Now there really is no excuse as to why it isn't done yet, I have had pretty much all summer to work on it. But I'll have you know I've been very busy... gym, soccer, camping, eating, visiting with friends/family, watching Ellen, watching the Today Show, etc. 

Going back to work will certainly be a shock after this extremely relaxing summer.  Eek only 11 more days and then school starts! So I had to put aside my food passion for a bit to focus on my other passion, school and teaching...  

However, now it is on to Kelly Kapowski Pancakes.  I had found the original recipe in Self magazine, and it was what Tiffani Amber Thiessen has for breakfast.  I only ever think of her as Kelly from Saved By The Bell, hence the name for the pancakes.  I first tried the original recipe, but I didn't love it.  I thought the oats didn't really stick together.  So I decided to tweek the recipe a bit.  Lately, this is all I've been having for breakfast. 

Sidenote:  I went really crazy this morning and made the pancakes with blueberries and raspberries (not shown)... WOW!


3/4 cups of rolled oats (could even do slightly less)
2 egg whites
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
Applesauce for on the side


1)  Mix the first 4 ingredients together

2) Spray a small pan with Pam and place on medium heat.

3)  Evenly spread the oat mixture in the pan and cook for 5-7 minutes a side.

While waiting for the pancakes to cook, sip your favorite coffee.
I prefer Dunkin' Decaf with Vanilla Soymilk...

4) Flip once (be careful of stray oats!) and cook on the other side for another 5-7 minutes

5)  Serve with applesauce.  I'm a "dipper" so I like the applesauce on the side.  But to each eaters own!  

Have a favorite Saved By the Bell episode?? Did you try your own version of the Kelly Kapowski Pancakes?  Tell me about it in the comments section below!

~Eat Well and Be Happy~


  1. These look fantastic, Rebecca! I have been following your blog and am impressed by your passion and creativity...please continue to share. Excellent work!


  2. I met Tiffany last year in Las Vegas she is VERY short. Pancakes look delish.

  3. Are you 'squared" now with your Math Curriculum? or do you need to seek a "higher power"? I missed the blog so I am glad you are back at it. Can't wait for you to fix this for me;sounds yummy!

  4. I have too many favorite episodes to list. I will forever have a crush on Zack Morris.