Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Turkey Burgers with Tzatziki Dressing

I recently realized that all my posts thus far are vegetarian dishes.  I didn't want to lure my faithful readers into thinking I was a vegetarian, because I'm certainly not.  I just tend to cook and eat that way.  But don't get me wrong, I love going out to a nice restaurant and ordering a steak.

I had originally found this recipe in my recipe binder (yes, I have an actual binder where the recipes are categorized and in plastic sleeves) ripped out from a magazine.  Upon examining closer, I noticed it's from Family Circle 2009.  Family Circle?? Why in the world did I buy a Family Circle in 2009?? I am certainly not their main demographic.

Alas, I now have this great recipe from them. The original recipe was for just spinach-feta chicken burgers with the Tzatziki (isn't that such a fun word to say!) dressing.  I have made them before and they were delicious.  However, for this recipe I have changed the burgers up a bit, but kept the dressing pretty much the same.
Tzatziki Dressing Ingredients

Tzatziki Dressing:
1 cucumber
5-10 plum tomatoes
1 container plain 2% greek yogurt
1/4 tsp. salt

Burger Ingredients

1 pound ground turkey
1 package frozen chopped spinach
2-3 stems chopped scallion
1 cup (or so) shredded carrots
2/3 c. shredded mozzarella (low moisture, part skim)
1 tablespoon dried bread crumbs
Spices: Basil, Garlic, Oregano
1 egg  
4 - 100 calorie pita pockets

Tzatziki Dressing

To make the dressing:
1) Peel and thinly slice the cucumber.

2) Cut the tomatoes into fourths, and scoop out the insides (that watery/gooey/seeded part).

3) Mix the cucumbers, salt, yogurt, and tomatoes in a medium bowl.  Set to the side until ready to serve. You are probably thinking that has to be so weird to add salt to yogurt... but trust me, it's delicious!

To make the burger: 

1) Defrost the spinach in the microwave and squeeze out any excess water.

2) In a large bowl, combine: turkey, spinach, scallions, carrots, cheese, bread crumbs, egg, and spices.  When it comes to spices, I can never measure.  I don't know what it is, I always just eye-ball it.  For this I did about 2 shakes each of the basil and oregano, and about 3 shakes of the garlic powder.

3)  Using your hands, fully mix the ingredients.  Then separate into four patties.  I like to first cut it in half, then cut it in half again.  (Let's get that basic math going again... school is starting soon!)

4) Spray a large pan with cooking spray and place on medium heat.  Cook the burgers for about 12-15 minutes, flipping once.  If you have an oven therometer (and if you don't you really should have one, I live by mine!) it should read about 160 degrees in the middle of the burgers.  You can also freeze any burgers you don't use to then have another night.

5) Toast the pitas before serving, they are must better toasted!  Serve the burgers with some tzatziki dressing on top and the pitas as the buns.

BTW: I will fully admit I was rocking out to Justin Beiber (Beib's Nation as I like to call him) while I was writing this blog... what's your guilty "teenie booper" pleasure?

~Eat Well and Be Happy~


  1. Tzatziki is one my favorite condiments.

    There is a place in Watertown that makes amazing tzatziki. I could eat a container in a sitting like reg yogurt. amazing

  2. My "teenie bopper" pleasure for this year? "Teenage Dream," but not the Katy Perry version, the Darren Criss/Warbler's version.

  3. I'm currently working on organizing a bunch of my recipes into binders (with plastic sleeves) as well - it's so much easier to find recipes you've ear marked before this way!
    These burgers look awesome!! :)

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